Sunday, January 8, 2012

Una Settimana in Firenze

Florence is my favorite place on this earth. My obsession with the city of Michelangelo began well before street style photographers invaded the booths of Pitti Uomo and the tables at Acqua al Due. Over the past few days, as many of my friends have been planning Florentine itineraries and calculating how to fit their unstructured wardrobes into carry-ons, I’ve been reflecting on the city I grew to know intimately throughout my time living in Italy. Over the next week, I hope to share a vantage point of Firenze distinctly different from that of Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman. I sent the fellas off yesterday with a list of non-clothing related recommendations that highlight what I've found to be the best of Florence. Starting tomorrow, I plan on exploring aspects of that list here. So if you'd like a break from the overdose of spalla camicias and sprezzatura that the next five days are sure to provide, please check back. If not, come by anyway. I'll still have you covered with a week of Soho's most stylish restauranteur, Paolo Alavian.

Ci vediamo domani!

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