Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grahame G. Fowler - 13&W Approved

Last Wednesday I stopped by W 10th St. to talk shop with Grahame of Grahame G. Fowler. 45 minutes later, I left his store feeling enthusiastic about the brand and the man behind it. Grahame is a menswear verteran and jack of all trades. He has worked with Yohji Yamamoto, designed textiles for Ralph Lauren and had his own stores in the UK and Japan. Currently, he is operating a painting studio in Long Island City, a scooter restoration business and the shop on W 10th. This diverse experience, and the travel that has come with it, plays a vital role in the feel of Grahame G. Fowler. It takes just one look at the garments to see the parallels between the man and the line. Where he is passionate and extroverted his woven shirts, displayed on the rotating laundry rack salvaged from the dry cleaner that previously occupied the space, are a mélange of pastels. His summer suits and odd cotton jackets are cut in vivacious tartans and plaids. “Its for the neighborhood guy on the go,” say Grahame as he sips his espresso. “He lives here because he loves life and that thirst for life takes him all over the world; Japan, India...He’s traveling so much that he basically lives in his suit. That why our clothes are made to be low maintenance. Everything is unconstructed, comfortable and machine washable." I got the feeling that it’s more than a clothing line for Grahame as he pointed to a vintage jacket hanging on the wall during my tour around the small, well-curated space. “It’s the Fowler men’s club. A group of us meet up and ride scooters ever week.” Grahame’s goal of creating a neighborhood hangout has yet to be proven a success but all of the elements are there: A great spot, cool people to talk to and interesting things to talk about (not to mention some seriously well made product to leave with). Made in New York and 13&W approved.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a smart guy - looks like he's thought about his consumer's life, not imagined it, but lived it.

I like the ties and the bears in the first picture, and that rumpled jacket in the third. It's brilliant that it's all washable, I can't begin to count the times I had to dry clean all my blazers for my uniform and what a pain it was. I'll have to check it out when I'm in NYC.