Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the List - English rowing memorabilia

My recent interest in English rowing memorabilia has lead to the acquisition of the vintage crew seat pictured above from ebay uk as well as a whole host of inspiring images for apparel and home design. The balance of the photos above were pulled from the “Still Waters Run Deep” antiques exhibition at Manfred Schotten Antiques. Check out the link if this stuff excites you because its just the tip of the iceberg.


Paul said...

Great finds - I love the detail painted (or carved?) into the rudders and seats. Makes great artwork. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Would this have anything to do with Fall at Rugby? Just saw the crew-inspired collection. Certainly more Harvard than the last crew-collection which was Spring 08(?) - that seemed like ol' Yale. The last picture's suit parallels the color palette of the men's from the ads I've seen. Either way, genius work on the blog, and as always, genius work at Rugby. I'll most definitely be there when it all hits the stores.


Enzo AGC said...

Dale - Thanks for the support and good eye. I actually found this stuff after we designed this fall-trans delivery that you are talking about. The group is certainly english inspired although the colors are remeniscent of Harvard. Look out for the cream and burgundy vintage fit chevron rugby. Its my favorite piece in the collection.