Thursday, July 23, 2009

English haberdashery stands strong at The Collective

Drake's shantung regimentals

Drake's indian silk madras

Cufflinks should always be double faced

Inspiration found me in the form of English accessories at this year's Collective menswear show. They say that God is in the details and if that's true then Michael Drake is certainly a pious man. His 30 years young Drake's London epitomizes subtle elegance. The only gimmicks he utilizes in his tightly curated line are painstaking quality of make and unparalleled creativity in material usage. The silk madras and raw shantung give his Spring '10 collection a distinctly Indian feel. I can hardly wait a year to get my hands on that burgundy repp pictured above.

The other English show stopper was Smart Turnout. Their product runs the gamut from cricket sweaters to UPENN needlepoint pillows but their smartest turnout has to be their scarves, watchbands & hosiery. They've obtained the licensing for all the Ivy league colors (we all know I'm a sucker for this stuff) as well as a slew of Great Britain's regiments. This gives their offering the authenticity that their competitors lack. You know that Harvard letter sweater you went looking for at the COOP only to find that they stopped selling it some 30 years ago? Smart Turnout has you covered.

I want to say thanks to AC (A Fresh Take/Adam Christopher) for granting me access to some great product and even greater people. I'm going to be sitting down with him next week to get a wrap up on The Collective and his take on where he sees the men's industry in the future. Until then, enjoy the weekend.


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I'm right there with ya.

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Gentleman's Gazette said...

Good article - I especially like the pictures. Drakes was definitely a pioneer for Shantung Regimentals.
Just recently, we wrote a review about a Drakes Shantung tie that might be of interest to you.