Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A look at Boglioli's Ja Sprezzatura

all images borrowed from Boglioli

My first exposure to Boglioli was from the once distinct and now extinct VITALS MAN magazine.  The Summer ’05 issue featured an editorial about the best options for summer suiting.  Then Bergdorf men’s fashion director and Triple Crown CFDA robbery victim Michael Bastian said that a suntan and an “extremely well-made” khaki cotton suit from Boglioli were essential for the warmer months.  More recently, I noticed the Italian suit maker’s name on the vendor’s list over at Sid Mashburn.  Those are two heavyweight endorsements in my book so I decided to dig a little deeper.  The images above are the results of that inquiry.  Boglioli’s SP/SU collection feels remarkably fresh to me considering I spend most of my free time looking at their competitor’s equivalents.  Rules are made to be broken and that is certainly what is taking place in these photos.  Color on color, plaid on plaid, scarf-size hankerchiefs and collars exploding over lapels –These are all things I would never think to try myself (and probably still won’t) but these images translate to such a unique and unagnellian version of sprezzatura that I cannot help but take note of them – kind of like an Engineered Garments/Kiton mash up. One thing is certain: I’m on the hunt for those white espadrilles.  


we could grow up 2gether said...

i was just talking to my friend how uninspiring mens rags in the states get these days, and how much i miss vitals!

Jose said...

I really like the double breasted blue on blue. Thanks for posting these.

John M said...

great post!

Adam Christopher said...

They'll be at the Collective this July... Why don't you come to the show and check them out as well as the other collections with a similar flair.

Enzo AGC said...

wcgu2g - There was no comparison to vitals man. I kept all the issue and I still refer to them constantly.

Jose & John - No problem and thanks for stopping by.

Adam - I'd love to go to the collective but I am niether a buyer or a retailer so I don't know how I would swing a pass...When are you posting you Pitti shots? I can't wait.

Adam Christopher said...

Contact me and I'll take care of everything for you at The looking forward to it... Pitti reviews to come... Just been slammed... It's coming!

BTW Cucinelli and Isaia they killed it at Pitti along with so many more and so did Umit Benan... He's amazing!