Friday, June 26, 2009

Jack Wills' answer to summer outerwear

The weather this summer has been less than ideal.  The rain just won't seem to go away and I find myself reaching into my closet for a jacket that I don't have.  The solution was to design it for Rugby Summer '10 but in the mean time, this hooded anorak from Jack Wills should fulfill your needs.  The waxed cotton will keep you dry and the light lining makes it easier to wear in the summer than your Barbour.  What I find most appealing about it is the designer's good sense not to logo the darn thing and let the vintage styling speak for itself.


Anonymous said...

Do you work for Rugby?

I've dressed in Ralph Lauren literally since birth and Rugby is the only store that I can say that I would buy absolutely everything without hesitation.

Enzo AGC said...

Hey Dale,

I do indeed. Glad to hear you like what we do and thanks for checking out 13&W

Anonymous said...

The tan anorak looks like a leftover from Amundsen's expedition!