Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day - Remembering Pop in the kitchen

This is my first Father's Day without Pop. I ran a google search of his name this morning and came across a video from one of his appearences on Mary Ann Esposito's Ciao Italia! cooking show. This piece above demonstrates the very essence of my father: Effortlessly charismatic, funny and just plain cool. Like most Italians, Dad had a passion for food. I remember I would always be so excited for the rare opportunites when my mother wasn't home to make dinner because that meant that Dad was going to throw together some spontaneous Italian culinary masterwork. He never had a recipe (as you can tell from the video above), he just created. The kicker was that no matter what he made, it always turned out to be red, white and green. I hope you all enjoy the clip above as much as I have and that you take the time to enjoy today with your Father if possible. Its a blessing.

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Paul said...

Hi - I remember this show - I remember because your Dad was (president? not sure) of the National Italian American Foundation. I remember this video as I get emails from Mary Ann Esposito (I love to cook Italian).

Your Pop lives in your heart - the heart of an adoring son.

Happy Father's Day!