Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AGCGD – A Summer Wedding in Pollica

This is how the Italian in me would dress to go to a wedding in my native town of Pollica, Italy.  All the items are natives of the boot except the tie because there is an exception to any rule.  Later in the week I'll do the Americanized version for New England nuptials. 

Tortoise Aviators – Ottica Urbani

Linen Pinstripe Blazer and Pocketsquare – Borrelli Luxury Vintage

Striped Cutaway – Guy Rover for Al Bazaar Milano

Embroidered Knit Tie – Drake’s of London (the exception to the rule)

Timepiece – Panerai

Reversible Woven Leather Belt – Brooks Brothers (Made in Italy)

Denim-cut Trousers – Italia Independent

Linen/Calf Double Monks – Sutor Mantellassi


The Khaki Crusader said...


Nice to see you back after the break. I've enjoyed the last few posts. That's a killer Panerai you chose. I'd probably choose likewise.


Anonymous said...

nice selection of the Paneria. I would appreciate some more focus/coverage on watches/