Friday, June 26, 2009

Closet Collections - Sean Crowley

Today I'm happy to premier Closet Collections: an intimate look into some of my favorite menswear designers' personal closets. I'm proud to kick it off with Sean Crowley, Rugby's own tie designer and man-about-town. As you can see from the images above, Sean's collection extends way past his closet. He couldn't have been nicer about showing me around his amazing Brooklyn brownstone. The hallmark of it all was his unbelievable tie rack. It's easy to see where he gets inspiration for some of our own ties. A particularly good selection of them are on sale now at Rugby so do yourself a favor and check out Sean's amazing handywork.

Jack Wills' answer to summer outerwear

The weather this summer has been less than ideal.  The rain just won't seem to go away and I find myself reaching into my closet for a jacket that I don't have.  The solution was to design it for Rugby Summer '10 but in the mean time, this hooded anorak from Jack Wills should fulfill your needs.  The waxed cotton will keep you dry and the light lining makes it easier to wear in the summer than your Barbour.  What I find most appealing about it is the designer's good sense not to logo the darn thing and let the vintage styling speak for itself.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Italian Ingenuity - 16th century ceilings & 20th century speedboats

Lapo courtesy of Vanity Fair

The Bernini-designed (not painted) ceiling of Chiesa del Gesù in Rome

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A time for cufflinks

I love Clemente's DB vest but the real reason I took the shot was his cufflinks. Who needs a watch when you've got these?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AGCGD – A Summer Wedding in Pollica

This is how the Italian in me would dress to go to a wedding in my native town of Pollica, Italy.  All the items are natives of the boot except the tie because there is an exception to any rule.  Later in the week I'll do the Americanized version for New England nuptials. 

Tortoise Aviators – Ottica Urbani

Linen Pinstripe Blazer and Pocketsquare – Borrelli Luxury Vintage

Striped Cutaway – Guy Rover for Al Bazaar Milano

Embroidered Knit Tie – Drake’s of London (the exception to the rule)

Timepiece – Panerai

Reversible Woven Leather Belt – Brooks Brothers (Made in Italy)

Denim-cut Trousers – Italia Independent

Linen/Calf Double Monks – Sutor Mantellassi

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day - Remembering Pop in the kitchen

This is my first Father's Day without Pop. I ran a google search of his name this morning and came across a video from one of his appearences on Mary Ann Esposito's Ciao Italia! cooking show. This piece above demonstrates the very essence of my father: Effortlessly charismatic, funny and just plain cool. Like most Italians, Dad had a passion for food. I remember I would always be so excited for the rare opportunites when my mother wasn't home to make dinner because that meant that Dad was going to throw together some spontaneous Italian culinary masterwork. He never had a recipe (as you can tell from the video above), he just created. The kicker was that no matter what he made, it always turned out to be red, white and green. I hope you all enjoy the clip above as much as I have and that you take the time to enjoy today with your Father if possible. Its a blessing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A look at Boglioli's Ja Sprezzatura

all images borrowed from Boglioli

My first exposure to Boglioli was from the once distinct and now extinct VITALS MAN magazine.  The Summer ’05 issue featured an editorial about the best options for summer suiting.  Then Bergdorf men’s fashion director and Triple Crown CFDA robbery victim Michael Bastian said that a suntan and an “extremely well-made” khaki cotton suit from Boglioli were essential for the warmer months.  More recently, I noticed the Italian suit maker’s name on the vendor’s list over at Sid Mashburn.  Those are two heavyweight endorsements in my book so I decided to dig a little deeper.  The images above are the results of that inquiry.  Boglioli’s SP/SU collection feels remarkably fresh to me considering I spend most of my free time looking at their competitor’s equivalents.  Rules are made to be broken and that is certainly what is taking place in these photos.  Color on color, plaid on plaid, scarf-size hankerchiefs and collars exploding over lapels –These are all things I would never think to try myself (and probably still won’t) but these images translate to such a unique and unagnellian version of sprezzatura that I cannot help but take note of them – kind of like an Engineered Garments/Kiton mash up. One thing is certain: I’m on the hunt for those white espadrilles.  

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thanks for the ride Sam

Louis Prima (left) and Sam Butera (right) doing what they did best
photo borrowed from the las vegas sun

Today I was truly saddened to learn that legendary showman and sax player Sam Butera passed away this past Wednesday morning. It seems like yesterday that I was belting out Sam’s part from “Next Time” in the passenger’s seat of my father’s Dodge on my way to elementary school while my Pop took the role of Louis Prima.  We did that duet more weekday school mornings than not for close to four years.  It is easily one of my best memories of time shared with my father and I have Sam Butera and Louis Prima's outlandishly fun take on jazz to thank for it.  I’ll be listening to them all day today and I suggest that those of you who’ve never heard them find some of their music today and check it out.  I promise it will make you smile.  Rest in peace Sam and thanks again.