Monday, April 20, 2009

13&W ebay discoveries – vintage haberdashery via writersink

One of my favorite ebay dealers, writersink, has some great vintage hab stuff up for auction as we speak.  I know JP’s going to love this Hart Schaffner & Marx salesman case with sample swatches dating from the fist quarter of the 20th century.  I bet most of you didn’t realize that HartMarx were the first to put zippers into the flys of trousers in 1926.  The other standout in my mind is the 1957 Great Western salesmen kit complete with swatches, mailers, sizing forms and a truly unique calling card (pictured above). 

Readers beware, I’m calling dibs on the HSM box and I’m ready for a war…. 


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes!

Matt Fox said...

Wow, amazing find!

Paul Pincus said...


good luck!

Rafe Totengco said...

very cool! good luck on the bidding war!