Friday, March 13, 2009

The only thing my Father had in common with Thom Browne...

photo borrowed from Pratesi Firenze

photo borrowed from

The Pratesi Firenze Brunelleschi leather briefcase.  My father's was a gift from my mother and he carried it everywhere.  When he passed away sorting through it was like going through a scrapbook of some of my favorite memories.  In it he had, among tons of other things, two decks of cards for card tricks he constantly performed, a little leather notebook with game tallies for the backgammon matches he played against all of his children, notes for articles he was working on, a shoe horn and black shoe polish (he always polished his brown shoes with black polish).  

This case epitomizes the perfect men's accessory for me.  It's functional, masculine and elegant simultaneously.  As I've previously said, I can't usually back Thom Browne.  But the inclusion of my father's bag was a happy note for me amidst a sea of grey flannel ridiculousness this Fall.

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