Monday, March 23, 2009

Influential Imagery - L'UOMO VOGUE SP/SU '09 FASHION GUIDE

L’UOMO VOGUE’s seasonal fashion guide is like an Italian version of Free and Easy. After the shows the Italians try to tie them all together with a few themes. This year my favorites were “Darjeeling” and “Gatsby.” I pulled some of my favorites and posted them above. I love the strong statement of the white cleric color against more muted brights like light faded brown and blues. The Moschino look has me inspired to mix a dressier knit with more tailored clothing. Now, to find that knit….


Anonymous said...

Do you have any Idea how i can get a this magazine? I live in Los Angeles CA usa. Thanks

Enzo AGC said...

Unfortunately, I believe it is off the news stands but if you give "luomo vogue a call they may be able to send you one.