Friday, March 27, 2009

Influential Imagery - Borsalino gets that spring blue just right

Who knew Borsalino made clothes? Apparently the people over at L'UOMO VOGUE. As I was looking at their previously mentioned SP/SU Fashion Guide I noticed that they used a pair of steel blue/grey trousers made by Borsalino in almost every look for their "Total Blue" concept. This peaked my interest and led me to the images below. I love the atypical use of navy and grey as a spring color driver. It’s easy and obvious to roll out bright color for spring but it takes a real talent to make a spring version of the blue blazer/grey flannel combo feel right. Cucinelli usually nails it and apparently Borsalino can as well.

Check out the grey pinstripe linen undercollar...

A Chambray 2 button Peak? 13&W approved.

All photos borrowed from Borsalino

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james at 10engines said...

top 2 are my faves but i love grey flannel anything... found you through the selvage yard. best. j