Wednesday, January 7, 2009

fit first, more eye candy from the boot - Cesare Attolini

Mr. Dario Pandolfi, of the Neapolitan tailoring house Cesare Attolini. 

To me, this is perfect. Like Scott said when he originally posted this photo on his site, the sleeve length is right but also the overall length and fit of the jacket is spot on. Short but not Thom Browne short. Nipped at the waist but not skin tight. I also love the collar of the shirt and the volume that the scarf (the deal breaker) adds to the whole image. Recently, my brother and I were discussing why we thought Italian men always looked so much, well, cooler then American men and I think it really boils down to this fit.  Below are some images from the Attolini website.  Enjoy and feel free to daydream about moving to Naples as I do on an almost daily basis!

All garment photos borrowed from Cesare Attolini.  Photo of Dario from thesartorialist.

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