Friday, January 23, 2009

Catch you all in February

I'm headed to the land of pad thai and cheap custom suits pictured above with my wife tomorrow for two weeks. Hopefully I'll have some great stuff to throw up on here when I get back. See you all in a few.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its that time of year over at thesartorialist!

photos borrowed from

What time of year you ask?  Pitti Uomo time!  If you haven't already, go check out Scott's site and take a look at some great examples of Italian style. The above images are just a teaser for what's there.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ebay is forcing me to clear out the closet

My most recent ebay find is the Michael Bastian DB Prince of Whales plaid cashmere topcoat you see pictured above.  The inspiration for the rigg here goes to Derrick Miller of Barker Black.  About a month ago I was at the grocer's when I saw him wearing a charcoal herringbone three button peak topcoat, navy pin suit, light blue gingham spread, black skull and bones tie, and those killer brown calf/suede spectators of his.  The jolt of inspiration he gave me has considerably lightened the wallet so to help pay for it I'm clearing out my closet and placing some of my late greats up for auction on ebay.  Items will include my italian woolrich arctic parka, my barbour bedale jacket, Michael Bastian shirting, a few great blazers and a ton of ties from brooks brothers and vineyard vines.  I will be posting the links to these sales as I place them at auction.   Feel free to check them out and bid!  Here's a teaser for the stuff to come.

woolrich john rich & bros. artic parka, size small
olive polo ralph lauren hacking jacket, size 40R

blue striped michael bastian button down shirt, euro size 42

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the closest I've come to riding a vespa with my wife...

Honey, when I said I wanted Vespa for christmas I was thinking something slightly bigger....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a shot of summer in the middle of winter

borrowed from thesartorialist

I know I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm off to Thailand in less than three weeks for my honeymoon and starting to think of clothes for warmer climates. This look really strikes me. I love the idea of dressing the db down with shorts although it has to be the right db, slim and unstructured. Great shoes as well. I was thinking of picking up a similar pair of Minnetonkas at the beginning of this winter but decided against it when I saw more than a few girls around the office wearing them.

fit first, more eye candy from the boot - Cesare Attolini

Mr. Dario Pandolfi, of the Neapolitan tailoring house Cesare Attolini. 

To me, this is perfect. Like Scott said when he originally posted this photo on his site, the sleeve length is right but also the overall length and fit of the jacket is spot on. Short but not Thom Browne short. Nipped at the waist but not skin tight. I also love the collar of the shirt and the volume that the scarf (the deal breaker) adds to the whole image. Recently, my brother and I were discussing why we thought Italian men always looked so much, well, cooler then American men and I think it really boils down to this fit.  Below are some images from the Attolini website.  Enjoy and feel free to daydream about moving to Naples as I do on an almost daily basis!

All garment photos borrowed from Cesare Attolini.  Photo of Dario from thesartorialist.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mister Freedom is back in port and online

hand-engraved MF peacoat zippo, if I smoked I'd want to light it with this
the MF deck coat 

The Mister Freedom Naval Tailor site is back up again and this time in weblog form.  As I start to think about transitioning from fall to spring I like to see what Christophe is up to.  From what I can tell, things are looking good on the west coast and I now have one more reason to go visit my fellow trojans in LA.

photos borrowed from

the proper way to hang pants

What your clothing should be hung from

I'm willing to bet that most of the people who find their way to this weblog hang their jackets and shirts on wooden hangers.  We care too much about our clothes not to.  But do you all use trouser clamps to hang your pants?  If not, you should.  Hanging your pants with trouser clamps from the cuff is the best way to keep them wrinkle free as the weight of the waistband acts as a continuous gravitational iron.  Right now I've got some cheap plastic ones a bought from IKEA that I've been looking to replace.  Today, while browsing A Suitable Wardrobe, I saw a link to The Hanger Project which offers a nice, albeit pricey solution to my problem.  We'll see if I pull the trigger.