Thursday, June 12, 2008

Black Fleece SP09

I know that the trads are going to hate this, but I'm really digging Thom Browne's spring collection for Brook Brothers. Let's take a second and look at the image above. Its wonderful! When I first saw it in print I took it for a regular Brooks advert. My first reactions were that Claudio Del Vecchio really knows what he's doing and I need that DB jacket! I only realized it was Black Fleece when I went looking for the coat. While a BB standard label DB was nowhere to be found, I did discover some amazing, albeit outrageously expensive, ties and outerwear from the Black Fleece line. This, to me, is the perfect addendum for Brooks. It keeps things fresh for them without interfering with their old standbys.


Vivek R. said...

I like the print... its typical American fashion in a way.

Anonymous said...

all this black fleece such and such is outrageous. the clothing looks like it was involved in a dry cleaning mishap - it's too damn small.